Colour – Trio 3-In-1 Treatment – 13ml


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Colour – Trio 3-In-1 Treatment – 13ml

  • Treatment trio in one.
  • An essential product that multi-tasks as the first step to a complete youthful-looking, strengthening, and smooth finish manicure.
  • As a Nail Rejuvenator – this product helps replace the loss of fluorescence in the nail which leads to a yellow, prematurely aged, and unhealthy appearance.  The result is a more brightened and youthful-looking nail and the discolouration and yellowing are diminished.
  • As a Base Coat – the diamond core powders help restore the strength in natural nails so they can grow long and strong.
  • As a Ridge filler – the spherical diamond powder particles settle in the nail imperfections, decreasing that imperfect appearance and increasing the nail’s natural luminosity.

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